CCS Interior Design Group Transformed: Our Fresh Look and New Team

We’ve Got Exciting News!

So much has transpired since you last heard from us. CCS is now rocking a whole new look and vibe! We are excited to share our fresh, new website with you while welcoming Rebecca Pogonitz, Senior Interior Designer, to our CCS Team. Rebecca commands more than 20 years’ experience transforming lives with her love and light filled energy and her steadfast commitment to serving her clients and the project teams on which she serves with humility, integrity, and passion. 

CCS’s Owner + Principal Cynthia Bolton-Smith is delighted to welcome Rebecca to the Team, as the two friends share the same positive and patient outlook in expanding our mission to create functional spaces for our clients while evoking the soul nourishing energy that will fuel them to thrive in their daily lives. 

The Universe at Work

You may be wondering – how did this collaboration even come about? The two interior designers first met serving as Designers On Call for the Design Center at Chicago’s Merchandise Mart, and learned through chatting one day that they had a lot in common and an instant connection was sparked: They both love the spirit of collaboration; both became interior designers after previous careers and graduated from the International Academy of Merchandising and Design just a few years a part; Rebecca has always secretly wanted to learn how to ride a motorcycle as Cynthia is enjoying that passion with her Harley Davidson; they each share an intense passion for health and fitness, with Cynthia having worked as a personal trainer, and Rebecca earning her NASM personal training certification; they LOVE to change their hair often and adore edgy and fun fashion; they enjoy the same kinds of music, each having played the clarinet; and the list goes on and on! The Universe brought them together for a purpose that is unfolding before their eyes, as the two both feel the other is a blessing sent. 

Transformation in Place

With all the change, you can imagine that transformation and growth has been in full force at CCS Interior Design Group. We believe that the spaces we live in can bring us peace and comfort while serving as the foundation for living our best lives. We are here to inspire you to do just that. And, not only do we love our work, we are dedicated to always learning how we can be better and do better while serving all of you.

Living with Gratitude

The CCS Team is grateful for the opportunities we have received to infuse so many lives with joy and light while doing what we love. We offer thanks from the bottom of our hearts to the people who have shared their lives with us and cannot wait to serve those we have yet to meet!  

So, peek at our new website, meet Cynthia and Rebecca, and learn more about our Transformation here, (link to website) on Facebook and Instagram. (links to Facebook and Instagram). We hope you enjoy!

Cynthia Bolton-Smith

Cynthia C. Smith

Rebecca Pogonitz

Rebecca Pogonitz